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Writing &
Education Services

Whether your audience wants to jump into the world of DNA, be captivated by stories from past times, or learn how to do genealogy research for themselves, our freelance writing services, live seminars and pre-recorded talks can bring engaging, informative & eye-catching content to your organisation or publication.

Sophie's talks & articles cover the following subjects:

  • Genealogy Research Methods (including Negative Space techniques and Cognitive Bias)
  • Historical Occupations
  • Uncovering Women’s Histories
  • Traditional & Digital Mapping (including Outlier Method, Fingertip Searching and Walks With Your Ancestors)
  • DNA and genetic genealogy
  • Data Visualisation

Or if you have a specific subject in mind which isn’t listed here, please let us know — Sophie might be able to design some new content especially for you!

Freelance Writing

Personal stories and the research journey behind them can make for fascinating reading. Our writing services include:

  • Commissioned articles for print and digital publications
  • Manuscript fact-checking
  • Proofreading
  • ARC or post-publication literary reviews

Portfolio & Writing Samples

All writing commissions are carried out by Dr. Sophie Kay, who has over 15 years of experience in professional writing and freelance work. Her portfolio of genealogical & science writing includes literary reviews for Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine and feature articles for Family Tree magazine, Lost Cousins, Pharos Tutors, Alan Godfrey Maps, Mozilla, Nature Publications & Opensource.

Further writing samples can be found on Sophie’s blog The Parchment Rustler, which is one of the highest rated genealogy blogs in the UK (#8 on Feedspot, June 2021) and was selected as the Digital Pick of the Month by Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine in October 2020. Examples from The Parchment Rustler include a piece on historical pregnancy loss, an introduction to the 1921 Census and a literary review of Burning the Books.


Prices vary according to the length of the article, the extent of novel research required and the format & circulation of your publication. Any writing brief can be adapted to suit a range of budgets, so please contact us to discuss your proposal further.

Pre-Recorded Talks

Sometimes it’s good to have the peace of mind that comes with having content in a pre-recorded format. There’s a whole range of possible formats and approaches to suit any situation or budget — we’ll tailor it to your requirements.


  • Content presented to camera, audio narration over a slide deck or a combination of both
  • Audio-only recordings supplied in WAV or MP3 format
  • HD Video recordings supplied in MP4 (H.264) format, or others upon request
  • Genealogical examples and archival selections tailored to a local area or specific theme
  • Provision of transcripts for D/deaf users


Pre-recorded content takes time and care to do well, and the cost of our video seminars varies depending on the licensing arrangements, content length and duration of use. Prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and discounts may be available for charities and voluntary organisations. Please contact us to discuss your project further.


Mapping Your Ancestors: A Genealogist’s Guide, an 18 minute presentation produced for Inspire Archives in October 2020 as part of Explore Your Archives Week.

Live Talks

What do YOU want to learn about today?

Live talks can bring fun and spontaneity to a range of genealogy topics, and they’re particularly good for engaging an audience and encouraging discussion. Whether you’d like to delve into DNA, be inspired by historical narratives or have a hands-on, how-to workshop session for your conference, organisation or society, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Standard lectures range from short talks (30 mins) to longer seminars (60-90 mins)
  • Talks usually include some form of interactive element, quiz or genealogy activity relating to attendees’ own family history
  • Half-day or whole-day workshops commissioned on request.

Speaker Background

All Khronicle® talks and seminars are delivered by Dr. Sophie Kay, who is an experienced international speaker & educator, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a former College Lecturer at the University of Oxford. Visit the biography page to find out more.


Prices for talks are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and discounts may be available for charities and voluntary organisations. Please contact us to discuss your project further.

Diary Dates

If you'd like to register for upcoming talks and events, please peruse the sessions below. These are just some of the 40+ Khronicle events in the calendar for 2024, so stay tuned for further announcements!

Presentation and Teaching Dates

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